Youths visited SMG to discover the challenges and opportunities brought by climate change to sustainable development

Macao, China  In line with the theme of the 3rd “Macao-wide English Essay Competition” (MEEC), Nature and Me, the Macao Professional Speaking Association (MPSA) recently visited the Macao Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau (SMG), the supporting unit of the competition, and successfully organized the “Meteorology, Nature and Me” field trip .  The field trip included 34…

【 澳門星報 】全澳英文徵文比賽61份作品獲獎

2023年5月17日【 澳門星報 】     【特訊】由澳門演講專業協會主辦,澳門語言交流暨文化推廣協會、澳門食物及環境健康學會、及可持續發展協會協辦的第二屆「全澳英文徵文比賽」於五月十三日假澳門科學館會議廳舉行頒獎禮,是次比賽吸引了過千名學生參加,現場頒發了個人及團體奬項,更邀請學生代表以演講方式分享得奬文章。

【 華僑報 】同場發佈得獎學生作品集分享「包容」 「全澳英文徵文比賽」頒獎

2023年5月15日【 華僑報 】   【特訊】由澳門演講專業協會主辦,澳門語言交流暨文化推廣協會、澳門食物及環境健康學會、及可持續發展協會協辦的第二屆「全澳英文徵文比賽」於前日假澳門科學館會議廳舉行頒獎禮,是次比賽吸引了過千名學生參加,現場頒發了個人及團體奬項,更邀請學生代表以演講方式分享得奬文章。

【TDM Canal Macau English News】 Macau-wide English Essay Competition attracted more than 1,000 students

March 13, 2022 【TDM Canal Macau English News】  This year’s edition of the Macau-wide English Essay Competition of this year awarded 61 entries with the theme “An Inclusive World”. The organiser wants to heighten the awareness of students in social inclusion. 《TDM Canal Macau English News》Watch Here:

【The Macao Post Daily】An Inclusive World

May 15, 2023 | Published in the Macau Post Daily Organised by the Macao Professional Speaking Association (MPSA) and co-organised by Language Exchange & Cultural Promotion Association, Society of Food & Environmental Health (Macao), and Sustainable Development Association, the Macao-wide English Essay Competition (MEEC) wrapped up its 2022-2023 competition with an award ceremony on Saturday,…