Nature and Me Essay Collection

We asked young people in Macao to reflect on our role and relationship with nature. 

All winning essays were published into a book and made available online so readers from around the world can read about read about their ideas, thoughts, and vision in this essay collection as we work together for a better tomorrow. 

Nature and Me

Earth — this celestial object composed of water, rock, and soil, is a realm where creatures cannot only survive but also thrive, serving as their cherished abode — nature. With its inhabitants flourishing on this majestic sphere for billions of years, it has not merely borne witness to the demise of innumerable species through extinction but has also bestowed life anew to flourish within its awe-inspiring ecosystem.

Nature and Me: Our Role and Relationship

Nature is an intrinsic part of our existence, shaping our lives and providing us with sustenance, beauty, and inspiration. Our role and relationship with nature are pivotal to the well-being of both the planet and ourselves. As we navigate the challenges of the 21st century, it is crucial to understand the significance of our connection with the natural world and how it relates to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Water! Nourishing My life’s Journey

In today’s world, nearly two billion people, approximately 25% of the global population, lack access to clean drinking water. This problem is particularly prevalent in underdeveloped countries where water supply systems are inadequately constructed. The consequences of this issue extend beyond human lives, posing a threat to the underwater ecosystem and its animal inhabitants.

Eco-commercialism: The Advocate of Green Commodities

Million years ago, our ancestors foraged wild plants and hunted wild animals. Everything was kept simple. However, as technology advances over centuries, humans have introduced an uncountable number of inventions into life, some of which, for example, plastic bags, may contribute to the destruction of the environment. This is a price we pay for the modern livelihood.

Reconnection with Mother Nature

We mature through time and experiences, forests grow with ample resources; we live our life in cycles—to wake in the morning and rest through the night, nature regulates itself through cycles—water shifts between different states as it circulates the world; we are rich in a wide array of cultures, beliefs, values, and abilities, and strengthen as a society when embracing it, nature is rich in a plethora of different species, its biodiversity vital to building the resilience of an ecosystem.