【Good News Macau】Sandy Leong Talks About How tthe Macao-wide English Essay Competition has Developed Macau Students’ Knowledge on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

March 20, 2024 | Published in Good News Macau by Gilbert Humphrey When the Macao-Wide English Essay Competition (MEEC) was launched in 2021 by its organiser, the Macao Professional Speaking Association (MPSA), it was aimed at developing local students’ English writing skills as well as their knowledge about the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals…

【 澳門力報 】千六學生參加全澳英文徵文賽 61名青少年脫穎而出獲嘉獎

2024年3月20日【 澳門力報 】千六學生參加全澳英文徵文賽 61名青少年脫穎而出獲嘉獎 由澳門演講專業協會主辦,澳門語言交流暨文化推廣協會、澳門食物及環境健康學會、及可持續發展協會協辦的第三屆「全澳英文徵文比賽」於三月十六日假澳門科學館會議廳舉行頒獎禮,是次比賽吸引了超過一千六百名學生參加,現場頒發了個人及團體獎項,更邀請學生代表以演講方式分享得獎文章。

【Macau Business】Students distinguished in essay competition themed on mankind’s relation with nature

March 17, 2024 | Published in the Macau Business Dozens of students have been honoured for their essays themed on Sustainable Development in an awards ceremony held on Saturday at the Macao Science Centre. The third edition of the Macao-wide English Essay Competition (MEEC), organised by the Macau Speech Professionals Association (MPSA), drew 1,603 students…


61名青少年學生於第三屆「全澳英文徵文比賽」 脫穎而出 由澳門演講專業協會主辦,澳門語言交流暨文化推廣協會、澳門食物及環境健康學會、及可持續發展協會協辦的第三屆「全澳英文徵文比賽」於三月十六日假澳門科學館會議廳舉行頒獎禮,是次比賽吸引了超過一千六百名學生參加,現場頒發了個人及團體奬項,更邀請學生代表以演講方式分享得奬文章。

61 Youths Chosen Among 1600 Participants in the 3rd Macao-wide English Essay Competition

Macao, China  Organized by the Macao Professional Speaking Association (MPSA) and co-organized by Language Exchange & Cultural Promotion Association, Society of Food & Environmental Health (Macao), and Sustainable Development Association, the “Macao-wide English Essay Competition (MEEC)” wrapped up its 2023-2024 competition with an award ceremony on March 16, 2024, at the Macao Science Center.   …