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Our Collaboration: Safeguarding the Environment for Future Generations


As the news spread rapidly through WeChat groups, informing us that schools were closed, my friends and classmates burst with joy. But the reason for the closures, the hoisting of a No.8 typhoon signal, caused me consternation as this was the third school closure in just 40 days because of typhoon or rainstorm. “Why?” I pondered, “What’s happening to our climate? Why have there been so many typhoons in Macau this year?”


As I turned to my dear Mr. Google to satisfy my curiosity, I was staggered to discover that September 2023 was the warmest on record globally. This September, with an average surface air temperature of 16.38°C, was 0.93°C above the 1991-2020 average for September and 0.5°C above the temperature of the previous warmest September in 2020 (Bonn, 2023). No wonder there were so many typhoons!


As the typhoon hit our city, the wind roared and howled in every corner, like a monster in the woods. Many trees and buildings were knocked down, and a lot of garbage was scattered everywhere by the strong wind. It was terrible.


As I observed this damage to our city infrastructure, I asked myself what our planet will be like in 2030. Will it be a beautiful and appealing paradise? Or a fearsome hellscape?  A variety of species dwelling in tropical rainforests, breathtaking vistas, azure waters from the beaches, transparent water coursing through the oceans, a lovely sky, and crisp air – this is the ideal world in which every creature would like to dwell. However, we must all come to grips with the brutal reality that the Earth, our planet, is ailing due to our actions.  Human action is causing many changes, such as melting glaciers and global warming, which, in turn, are increasing the frequency of natural disasters like typhoons, torrential rains, flooding, and droughts. Creating a pleasant natural environment, therefore, is our mutual goal, and responsibility. We will need to COLLABORATE.


To effectively address the challenge of saving our planet, a holistic strategy involving individuals, governmental, and harmonious collaboration with nature is essential. In 2015, the United Nations established a comprehensive vision through the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, aiming to unite people in combating climate change. This plan considered combining broad-based economic, social, and environmental policies with efforts for mitigating the effects of climate change. We must collaborate on a national and worldwide scale in order to put these policies into effect.


Change will also require collaboration at an interpersonal level. We need to recognize the impact of our actions – on others as well as the environment. Teaching environmental awareness in families, at schools, and through making good use of social media will be important in promoting responsible practices such as sustainable consumption. Citizen advocacy will also be essential to guarantee governmental accountability in implementing policies to preserve our planet. 


Finally, any change will require us to collaborate with nature and take personal responsibility for our own actions. We must change our mindset from one of consumerism and self-gratification to one of respect and thoughtful coexistence with environment. The growing popularity of the “Recycle, Reuse, Reduce” motto fills me with hope that we are headed in the correct direction of taking responsibility for our actions.


As the wind gradually subsided, it was tranquil outdoors. I stepped out of my house. Before me, I saw a silver lining on the clouds above the silent and peaceful city of Macau. Contemplating the scene, I thought, “We are in this together. There is still time. If we take responsibility and collaborate together with tangible actions, we can combat climate change and make the achievement of a pleasant natural environment a reality.” With resounding joy and the resolution to start effecting change, I exclaimed, 



Bonn, (2023, October 5) Copernicus: September 2023 – unprecedented temperature anomalies; 2023 on track to be the warmest year on record. september-2023-unprecedented-temperature-anomalies

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