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Preserving Nature for a Shared Sustainable Future

There is an interesting phenomenon that when people run out of topics to discuss, they will instinctively look up at the skies and discuss the weather. Most people consider this phenomenon as an amusing anecdote, but if we ponder deeply, it becomes evident that the weather and the environment immensely affect everyone living on the planet. We treat this topic with such respect. Human beings can thrive on Earth solely because of Mother Nature’s shelter, natural resources, and harvests. Because of this, it is crucial to protect the environment, and everyone is obliged to take action to ensure a sustainable future for the place we all call home.


Environmental issues such as climate change, pollution and deforestation have become ever more severe in the 21st century, bringing detrimental effects such as frequent natural disasters, rising sea levels and habitat loss. Driven by the urgency of these environmental challenges along with other problems, the United Nations has established 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that address a wide range of global issues, including several directly related to nature, namely SDG 7 and 11-15. By creating the SDG agenda, the United Nations hopes that by 2030, with the joint effort of all United Nation member states, the utilization of unsustainable energy can be reduced, ecosystems can be protected and the occurrence of extreme weather can be alleviated.


Exactly 60 years ago, to fight racial discrimination, Martin Luther King said in his speech, “I have a dream that one day…all men are treated equally”. Nowadays, although the issue of equality has been greatly improved, many pressing environmental ones still persist. Therefore, likewise, I have a dream, a dream that no species will go extinct and humans can live in harmony with all other species in the ecosystem; that nobody’s homeland will be flooded as a result of rising sea levels; that the future generation will not know what smog is. 


To achieve this vision and the Sustainable Development Goals, everyone will need to play a role and take responsibility. Firstly, as individuals, we should live a greener lifestyle. This includes conserving energy and opting for renewable energy sources, purchasing products with a lower carbon footprint, and stopping the use of single-use utensils or non-biodegradable plastic bags, instead favoring recycling and reusing. Additionally, we should boycott illegal wildlife trade to bring an end to unscrupulous and harmful poaching practices to help restore the ecosystem. Furthermore, communities can also take proactive measures to combat environmental issues. The ability of one person is very limited, but the ability of a group of people will be massive. Therefore, with this advantage, communities can organize clean-up campaigns to remove debris washed ashore or tree-planting initiatives to increase the absorption of harmful greenhouse gasses and the release of oxygen. 


In the vast and seemingly unbounded universe, there is only one planet that we can live on up until now, so everyone should strive to ensure Earth’s sustainable development and prosperity. Human beings’ survival and well-being depends on mother nature, so it is of utmost importance to protect and preserve our environment. I believe that by enhancing social awareness, urging individual involvement, and promoting collective actions, we can achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and eventually fulfill my dream in which humans coexist in perfect equilibrium with nature. Let’s all work together and take necessary actions to protect the invaluable gift of nature that has been bestowed upon us. Our actions today will determine the legacy we leave behind for the generations to come and even the existence of mankind.


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