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An Endangered Planet

An American author and animal right advocate Jeffrey Moussaieff Mason once said, “Animals are like us, endangered species on an endangered planet, we are the ones who are endangering them, it and ourselves. They are innocent suffers in a hell of our making.” Animals suffer from our actions and in the end we will be too. My vision is that this world will be a beautiful planet where a healthy ecosystem will live and thrive together.

First, invasive species is a cause of animal extinction, as they outcompete native species, causing extinction and reducing biodiversity. Habitat loss is also a major cause. For example, mangroves provide a lot of benefits to the ecosystem but they are reducing in number. According to the Macao news, in the 1990s there were 60 hectares of mangroves and now there are only about 19 hectares. In a coastal city like Macau, mangroves help protect us from storms by acting as a “green wall”. They also filter out air pollution, and provide shelters for birds and animals like black-faced spoonbills. It is absurd how the Macau government uses black-faced spoonbills as a mascot while Macau has seen a 50% drop in them, as the government is not putting in their best efforts in protecting this endangered species’ habitat. 

To solve the problem of decreasing mangroves, the Macau government have transplanted the mangrove plants to the Ecological Zone II in Cotai. Seedlings have already been planted in parts of the Taipa and Coloane coastlines. The establishment of Ecological Zones may have led to a slight increase of mangroves in the past few years. However, more strategies are needed to promote the conservation of the local mangroves. Environmental education is therefore the next step. Schools can promote activities like field trips and nature walks for the younger generations to understand this problem better. We should also raise the public’s awareness and spread the information to people around us so more people can be aware of these problems and work together. As for invasive species, we need to take responsibility for our actions, we should not set our pets free in the wild or just leave them anywhere, because in the end they either die from starvation, get killed by their predators or in the worst case scenario, ruin the ecosystem around it. 

We all share the same planet. While nature can exist without us, we cannot exist without nature. What you do makes a difference, even if the impact is small. As long as we work together, we can change the world for the better. The question is if you want your future generations to see a tiger in a book or in real life.

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