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Spare a Tree, Save a Life

According to Bryce Nelson, the USC journalist professor, “People who will not sustain trees will soon live in a world that will not sustain people.” Billions of trees are cut down to be burned or to make things like furniture, buildings, or paper every year. If trees disappear, the ecosystem and the food chain will collapse, causing humans to die from a lack of food. Deforestation will also cause many other detriments. If this continues, there is no way we can achieve our Sustainable Development Goals. 


In Macau, more spare land is needed for economic development. Therefore, reclamation can be a good solution for building more houses, casinos and many other economic uses. Many wetlands and seas are decreasing in size because of land reclamation. Black-faced spoonbills mainly feed on fish and shrimps in shallow water. But due to industrial activities, their habitats are polluted and decreasing in size. According to a Hong Kong article, the number of the endangered black-faced spoonbills in Macau decreased by around 50% in 2022. Therefore, it’s very important for us to take action to protect the black-faced spoonbills. 


Worse, the extinction of animals and plants can also destroy the food chain and ecosystem. Many animals may die and this can eventually affect human’s food supply and lead to human’s death due to food insecurity.


Mangroves are not the only plants decreasing in number. As a member of the public, we can contribute from small things such as participating in planting activities. At the same time, the government can also propose measures to reduce cutting trees. Simply, they can encourage citizens to go paperless. One method is to propose e-books at schools to reduce the use of papers. 


In 2021, to protect the black-faced spoonbills, the Macau SAR government has strengthened the management of wetland resources in Macau and opened up the land near the west side of the Cotai Reclamation Area as the Cotai Ecological Reserve, making the area a habitat for the rare black-faced spoonbills.


Apart from this, the government can open up wetlands. For example, they can open wetlands near Zona de Lazer da Marginal da Taipa which is facing the sea and Zona de Lazer da Marginal da Estátua de Kun Iam. This can provide more wetland for the black-faced spoonbills. 


Overall, it’s really important to help the environment in order to protect animals, the nature and maintain a green and heathy world. Let’s cooperate together and save the trees!


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