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Relationship Between Nature and Us


Nature provides us with joy and tranquility through its green forests and deep blue oceans. Yet, it seems that nature is being destroyed increasingly due to our footprints. If we keep destroying natural environments, we will be in danger of losing our old partner, nature, and soon ‘natural’ will no longer appear in our daily lives. Additionally, artificial products are replacing natural products, thanks to their more affordable prices. A significant number of global environmental issues are reported almost day by day. Therefore, how should we improve the relationship between nature and us?


In the past, nature used to be indispensable to humanity. Plenty of natural fibers, including vegetable or plant fibers, animal fibers, and mineral fibers, were widely used before the rising popularity of artificial fabrics. Our ancestors had been using a variety of natural fibers to make textiles for thousands of years. However, the advances in technology have enabled us to finally achieve self-sufficiency and produce man-made goods even in developing countries since this decade. As a result, budget-friendly and high-volume synthetic products dominate most industries globally. In contrast to artificial ones, natural fabrics are made from organic materials, which may be more suitable for people with allergies. Although natural fabrics require many working processes, which tend to lead to higher costs, they are still worth purchasing because of their breathability, water absorbency, and softness. 


Looking around the world, we can notice that the production, processing, and output of natural fibers are important for the economies of many developing countries. Our seemingly ordinary jobs are the bread and butter of millions of farmers and low-income workers. Nearly all natural fibers are produced through agriculture and most harvests come from those countries. Especially in countries like Kenya, Tanzania, and Mozambique, which have high forest coverage, economies are under threat and many of their residents live in poverty. To achieve the goal of helping the poor get out of poverty and supporting those destitute countries, promoting natural fabrics can be an effective means.


On the other hand, global warming and climate change are the most prevalent issues nowadays. Most clothing items or other organic products are made from ancient natural fibers that can grow without agricultural fertilizers. This makes the fabrics durable, recyclable, and biodegradable. Consequently, their carbon footprints are reduced as they produce and absorb equal amounts of carbon dioxide. Opting for natural products is an act of being responsible for our world and our own selves.


In a nutshell, we and nature are linked together, and our relationship may improve in the future if we unite and repair all the cracks between us. By working with nature collaboratively, we can build a more sustainable future. 


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