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We and Nature

Generally, we know from daily life that the relationship between us and nature is very close, and we are indispensable. Even some insignificant plants or animals are part of a biological chain. Therefore, people have begun to pay attention to the relationship between humans and nature, and this has also become the focus of global attention.


Sustainable development is an issue that the whole world should think deeply about.  The amount of resources available for extraction around the world is decreasing at a rapid rate. According to statistics, based on the current amount of exploration, the world’s oil resources can still be used for about 55 years; based on the current level of energy consumption, coal mining on the earth can only last about 200 years. Just imagine, what if we use up all these resources? How will humans be in the future?


At a certain meeting, a president of a Pacific island nation said that if this problem is not solved and the global climate change continues to rise as it is now, his country will be submerged in the ocean in a few years. Environmentalists also chanted slogans outside the venue, hoping to get effective policies promulgated. Here, we saw the efforts of the masses, but the result of the meeting was disappointing.


But all of the above are just a few disadvantages of disregarding nature, and people from other countries are also making efforts. For example, a small town in northern Korea is rich in persimmons. Every year when the harvest comes, they leave some persimmons on the tree and do not pick them even if they are ripe. In fact, they reserve the food for the birds. Because the winter is quite chilly at that time, the birds cannot find food and are likely to be frozen to death. When the spring comes, insects are infested. As a result, there is no harvest of persimmons at the end of year, and they are eaten by insects as soon as they grow. So those farmers made a rule so that when spring comes, the birds are busy catching bugs which maintains the ecological balance, and the harvest is getting better and better year by year. The concept of sustainable development has been applied in practice and has played a big role in protecting the ecological environment.


In general, almost everyone knows the concept of sustainable development, but very few people actually do it. Therefore, advocating sustainable development must not only be in slogans, but must be implemented in actions. In this way, we can make a longer-term consideration of our actions so that the resources on Earth will not be exhausted rapidly.


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