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Our Ocean, Our Future

Fishermen rely on the ocean for their livelihood. Biologists see the ocean as the birthplace of life and study it. Artists find inspiration in the ocean. But regardless of our role, the ocean feeds us, regulates our climate, and gives us oxygen. SDG 14 shows a healthy ocean is vital for human health, economic growth, and climate management. Over 3.5 billion people rely on the ocean for food. So, taking care of the ocean is important for everyone.


But according to the UN, our ocean is in danger. Fishing and pollution are hurting 66% of it. 90% of the fish populations are fully used or over fished. This hurts the ocean, people who depend on fishing for jobs and food, and the economy. We must act now to protect our ocean.


In my opinion, ignorance is a big problem. Many people take the ocean for granted and assume it will always be healthy and full of life. We can use social media to raise awareness about the ocean by sharing fun facts, like how amazing and delicate marine life is and teach people how we can help to protect it. We can also show people good things we can do to save the ocean, like using less plastic, supporting responsible fishing, and participating in beach cleanups. 


Let us remember that the ocean connects us all, and it is our shared responsibility to be guardians of its well-being. Together, we can create a brighter future for our ocean and for ourselves.                                                                   

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