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Nature and Me

Nature is inspiring. Whether it’s the pink explosion of blossoming trees, the lilting and beautiful song of nightingales, or the flickering flight of butterflies, the relationship between us and nature is forever beautiful and binding. Without it, we would all cease to exist.


When thinking of nature’s beauty, the first thing that comes to mind are the oceans, rivers, beaches, and coral reefs. These are majestic aspects of the Earth that we will forever rely on. Natural pleasures like these pristine beaches are the foundation of societies’ economic successes. Not only are communities built around them for financial purposes, but they also influence our health, happiness, and prosperity. However, my happiness fades when I think about the damage we are causing.


There are currently 328 beaches around the world that are suffering from pollution. Beach and water contamination dramatically impacts the entire ecosystem, leading to severe economic downfall. To help stop this, the United Nations has developed Sustainable Development Goals. One goal states that social and economic development depends on the sustainability of our planet’s natural resources. It is clear that allowing widespread contamination is not achieving this desired agenda.


While the need for natural resources is immense, it can only continue with better oversight to protect the environment. Governments should come together to ensure they are putting more effort towards achieving the SDG’s. Along with that, small acts from 7.8 billion people can accomplish anything! Let’s preserve all that is wonderful for our future generations.



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