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Treat it like Home

Gary Snyder, a well-known American essayist, poet, and environmental activist, once stated, “Nature is not a place to visit, it is home.” But let’s think deeply about it, do we really treat nature like how we would treat our home? 


According to the 2030 Agenda, 5 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are set for protecting the nature, which shows how closely we are related with nature.


Biological diversity, or biodiversity, is the variety of life on earth, in its every single form, from genes to bacteria and to plants and animals. I believe that biodiversity is the greatest blessing of humanity. Our lives depend on the resources it gives us – air, food, water, shelter and many more. But what do we give back to nature in return? 


Nature is in crisis. Based on The United Nations information, up to one million species are threatened with extinction, which is faster than ever in human history! Irreplaceable ecosystems like parts of the Amazon rainforest are turning from carbon sinks to carbon sources due to deforestation. And 85% of wetland, such as marshes and mangrove swamps, have disappeared. And guess what, all these happened because of cruel human activities! 


Currently, the extreme loss of habitats is viewed as the main cause leading to the loss of biodiversity. This occurs when natural habitats are converted to human uses such as urban areas and infrastructure developments, mainly from high-consumption lifestyles in wealthy countries. Based on London School of economics and Political Science (LSE), to date, 75% of ice-free land and 63% of oceans have already been transformed into different usages by human in some ways. 


Overhunting is also an activity that leads to loss of biodiversity. In several parts of the world, people continue to hunt for their personal gain, such as for economic reasons. For example, the studies by zoologist Carlos Peres indicate that in the Brazilian Amazon, hunting of vertebrates can kill approximately up to 23 million animals per year!


As an individual of the younger generations, I believe that people’s disconnection with the nature is the biggest problem leading to all the crises in nature. I think that we need to gather around and raise the awareness from people all over the world to help protect the biodiversity of our planet together before it’s too late. This can be accomplished just by doing the bare minimum, for example, supporting local and reginal projects aiming at tackling these problems, or by writing an essay like mine for arousing the awareness of the loss of biodiversity!


Nature can’t express itself, so let us stand up for nature, speak for our hearts and treat nature like how we would treat our home! 


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