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Nature and Me

Earth — this celestial object composed of water, rock, and soil, is a realm where creatures cannot only  survive  but  also  thrive,  serving  as  their  cherished  abode  —  nature.  With  its  inhabitants flourishing on this majestic sphere for billions of years, it has not merely borne witness to the demise of innumerable species through extinction but has also bestowed life anew to flourish within its awe-inspiring ecosystem.


Nature  has  evolved  into  a  sanctuary  for   humanity,   serving  as  the  very  foundation   of  our  extraordinary ecosystem. Among the myriad of creatures nurtured by Mother Nature, humans  have thrived and propelled our civilization forward at an astonishing pace. In less than ten millennia, we transitioned from the Agricultural Age to the Industrial Age! As human societies flourished,  gradually embracing intellect and advancing technology, their insatiable quest for resources to fuel  industrialization inadvertently inflicted devastation upon nature.


From  my  perspective,  I  genuinely   believe  that   nature   is  undergoing  relentless  destruction.  Throughout  recent  years,  human  activities   have  undeniably  inflicted  significant  detrimental  impacts on our delicate ecosystem, with the latest disconcerting news of Japan’s release of diluted  radioactive water into thesea. The mere thought of these pristine waters being contaminated by  toxic substances instills fear within me – envision fish gasping for breath as their lifeless bodies float  aimlessly upon the surface; imagine vibrant coral reefs across the globe succumbing to annihilation. What was once a stunning turquoise city teeming with diverse aquatic species would soon be  reduced to ruins. Picture in your mind’s eye a ghastly sight: a radioactive sea creature emerging  from the abyssal depths of the poisonous oceans. The release of this hazardous waste, coupled  with millions of pounds of trash carelessly dumped into our seas by individuals worldwide, would  undoubtedly unleash an absolute catastrophe not only upon our oceans but also upon our precious  land.


The  Earth’s  history  has  witnessed  the  harmonious  stabilization  of  its  ecosystem  and  the preservation of biodiversity for countless millennia. However, it is unfortunate that humanity often disrupts this equilibrium, leading to the endangerment of numerous animal species. At present, a staggering number exceeding 42,100 species worldwide face the looming threat of extinction.


We  are  inherently  born  within  the   realm   of  nature,  yet  we   persistently   contribute  to  the degradation of our environment. It is imperative for us to halt and contemplate – contemplating on behalf of nature, reflecting upon those endangered animals inhabiting the wilderness. Altruism should guide our thoughts as we consider others rather than succumbing to selfishness. The next generation will soon inherit this land, deserving their an opportunity to witness the awe-inspiring beauty of nature.  Presently stands as an opportune moment  for  us  to  commence  proactive measures. 


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