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My Mother, Nature

If asked what the relationship between nature and me is, I would answer that nature is my mother. She gives me life while caring for and protecting me. She provides me with food and water for sustainability. Treating her right gives us clean air, water, and food, which we cannot live without. When we are depressed, she warms our frozen hearts with sunny days. When we are angry, she calms us with symphonies of chirping birds and rustling leaves.


However, she has been badly hurt by her children’s selfish and short-sighted behavior in recent years. We’ve jeopardized hers and our existence; we’ve taken all that our sweet Mother Earth provides us for granted! This cannot be left alone, and as one human race, we must all unify to bring about a more selfless and environmentally friendly future.


One of many recent examples of betrayal, violating SDGs 14 and 15, we began dumping wastewater into the ocean, affecting every country by polluting land and sea. This pollution is unacceptable and could amount to unmeasurable destruction over time.


We must stop our short-sighted behavior. If we love our mother, having her wake us each morning, we must return the love she provides. We must come together to save her. It is up to our generation to make changes that previous generations could not. Let us unify and tell our friends, family, teachers… anyone who will listen that a new generation has arrived, and we demand a better future.


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