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Defend the Sea Animals’ Habitats

“I’m hurt!” All sea animals cried in silence, “there are a lot of plastic cups, plastic bags, and metal pieces in our marine habitats.” When the sea animals are being hurt or bleed without any notice, I couldn’t stop thinking of one measure I could do to help them.


Picking up rubbish is an offensive task for me, I literally can’t believe that I am willing to do it after looking at the shocking pictures published by the National Geographic. It’s hot, tiring and smelly when I first started at Ha Sa Beach. Some people treated me as strangers, some toddlers asked their parents why I picked by rubbish and some were simply asking me to handle the rubbish for them. When I was surrounded by a trash mountain, I was so desperate that I covered my nose with a tissue. Sea animals had no choice but to tolerate the disgusting environment and even ate the poisonous food we provided. Whenever I thought of that, I had more determination on my cleaning task. Spending the whole day at the sea side, I collected three big bags of waste. The beach looked clean before I left, and I felt proud of my work! 


Aren’t we selfish? We keep our living environment clean and hygienic but leave our neighbors atrocious habitats. Our neighbors deserve to be well treated, cherish those little creatures in the ocean and be their protector! 



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Photo by Richard Segal:

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