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Nature and Me

Nature is our faithful companion, and water is a precious gift bestowed upon us by nature. Water is everywhere in our world, and it holds great significance for me as well. When I venture into the countryside, I come across rivers gracefully meandering through forests. I derive immense joy from observing water cascading over rocks, forming enchanting little waterfalls. It is a truly marvellous sight that brings about a profound sense of relaxation. In those moments, I feel intimately connected to nature. Water plays a crucial role in the growth and vitality of plants and animals. It nourishes trees and flowers, enabling them to flourish and stand tall. Animals such as deer and rabbits rely on rivers as a source of water to preserve their well-being and contentment.


Water is a finite resource on our planet, and it is our responsibility to care for it. I must not squander it and must strive to keep it uncontaminated. Simple actions like turning off the tap while brushing my teeth and opting for showers instead of baths can make a difference. Additionally, I can contribute to the preservation of water bodies by collecting litter near rivers and lakes, thereby ensuring their cleanliness.

I am filled with gratitude for the precious gift of water bestowed upon us by nature. As a devoted friend to both water and nature, it will actively participate in their protection. In doing so, we will preserve beautiful nature for generations to come.


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