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Be A Good Neighbour To Nature

One of my beloved places is a farm. As an animal lover, I love feeding the cows and sheep, walking the geese and patting the rabbits and hamsters. Big or small, all the animals are lovely and are my friends. But my heart broke when I saw some children treating the animals as their enemies at my last Autumn farm trip.


It was the rabbit corner where some children were building bricks to block the way of the rabbits, picking grass and flowers to force them to eat, and even throwing stones at them. “Rabbits are timid. They will not fight back.” were the repeating voices of the heartless children. The rabbits did nothing wrong to these people. Where are the hearts of these people? They not only hurt innocent animals but also killed the plants.


As a child, I want to tell other children that this is not how we interact with animals, plants or even a piece of stone. On a local field trip to the wetlands, the instructor told us one thing, “Snakes attack to protect themselves when feeling disturbed. Nature is their home, and people are visitors.” My vision of a world where we can live with nature in harmony is to learn to respect the animals, the grass and the rocks.


Living or non-living things, they all should be respected. “Love your neighbour as yourself.” If we learn to be kind to animals, we learn to cherish the life on land and below the ocean.



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