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Small Actions Can Make Big Changes

I was four years old when super typhoon Hato hit Macao; it broke my windows and damaged my house.  My relationship with nature is mutual.  Climate change and natural disasters seem to be a difficult topic for us kids to understand, but in my opinion, although I have minimal power, I believe I can still make changes to help our environment.  Therefore we should take action as early as possible to make sure we can have a better living environment in the future.


Firstly, we can help climate change by reducing carbon emission.  We can start by choosing mass transportation like buses, trains, subways, etc.  We could also save energy by using LED lights and energy efficient household electronics.


Secondly, we should be responsible for consumption and production.  We should not over buy food, clothes, toys and other daily items and should make the best use of it by recycling and giving them to others or donating them to charities if we do not need them anymore.


Lastly, we can promote the above practices to friends and family members.  We can encourage them to choose environmentally friendly shops and restaurants.  Also be more aware of information about climate change and new ways to protect our planet.


The future is in our hands.  We shall not only focus on our personal goals but also the future of our nature.  We shall act now before it is too late, with every small step we take, big changes can make the world a better place.



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