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We Can’t Wait For Others to Fix the World!

Do you know that oil companies produce 4 billion tons of oil every year?! When it’s burned, this fossil fuel releases pollutants directly into the air, creating more than 75% of the greenhouse gases. These pollutants have negative impacts on human health as well as on the environment.


It is important to replace fossil fuels because fossil fuels harm the climate and cause extreme weather events around the world. When fossil fuels are burned to produce energy for vehicles it creates heat, causing the surface temperature of the Earth to rise. Burning fossil fuels also emits harmful pollutants which can cause health problems to humans such as cancer. Fossil fuels are also not a sustainable resource.


Governments around the world propose ways to reduce gas emissions from fossil fuels in order to prevent the worst outcomes from pollution, but people still drive their cars even short distances. Meanwhile scientists work diligently to innovate different materials to replace fossil fuels; but they are very expensive or not everyone can use them. We cannot wait for the government or scientists to fix this problem, we must all reduce our use of fuel in our daily life as well. I hope everyone can help protect the natural environment – walk, don’t drive!


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